Explorer Analytical Balance (Automatic Motorized Doors)

The OHAUS Explorer® Series has risen to the next level of ingenuity—expanding on its modern features and design to offer unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances unlike any other on the market.  This NEW model has Automatic Motorized Doors to Boost Efficiency.

Modular Design

  • Color touch display that can be separated from the weighing base as well as a motorized draftshield that can be operated with the use of touchless sensors.
  • Large color touch-screen display, icon-driven application software that features 14 unique application modes
  • Adjustable Angle Display make the Explorer the most advanced balance in  its class!
  • Optimized Linearity and Repeatability specifications
  • Enhanced Vibration Filtering for better balance stability
  • AutoCal Automatic Internal Calibration to improve accuracy

Explorer’s draftshield provides ample access and visibility to the weighing chamber through the versatile top door and side sliding doors. Select models feature motorized side doors that open and close automatically with use of the touchless sensors on the base and display.

The OHAUS Explorer’s advanced applications simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements. Whether it’s determining the difference between initial and residual weights or calculating the density of solids and liquids.

Explorer eliminates the need for time consuming manual calculations and data logging. The high resolution display and innovative user interface make balance setup and application use effortless.

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