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Scale Scoops & Weights

To make the most of your scales, you need to have the right accessories on hand. Two of the most commonly required accessories are scale scoops and weights, which you’ll find here. As with everything else offered at Penn Scale, you can count on the quality of these products to exceed your expectations. Order today, or contact us for more information!

What are Scale Scoops?

If you need to collect and contain a number of loose items on your scale, a scoop is a perfect option. With the right scoop, you’ll be able to pour everything that needs to be weighed into the scoop without having a single piece escape. This will make for quick, easy, and accurate measurements, so you can keep up with your schedule and not sacrifice accuracy along the way. At Penn Scale, we offer a variety of scoop styles and materials, including plastic, stainless steel, tin and aluminum.

When picking out a scoop, consider the kind of scale you’ll be using and what you’ll be measuring. For measurements that will be taken of large quantities of small items—like a batch of candies, for instance—a scoop with higher sides will be desired. If you’ll be weighing batches of slightly bigger pieces that are less likely to slide away, you can use a flatter, wider scoop design.

Keep Weights on Hand

Our scale weights are carefully crafted to match their stated weight exactly. They also have a durable finish, so they look good and maintain their precise weight well into the future. Weights can be used in the operation of your balance, and they are also an important calibration tool for some models.

A Proven Leader

It’s hard to stay in business for nearly a century, but that’s exactly what we’ve done at Penn Scale. Our longevity in this business is owed to the quality of our scales and the emphasis we place on customer service. Whether you are getting ready to place your first order or you have been a customer for years, we look forward to serving you. Thanks for stopping by!