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NTEP Scales

When you purchase a new scale, you need to be sure that scale is capable of the accuracy required to do business with customers and clients. For that reason, we are proud to carry a collection of NTEP Certified scales here at Penn Scale. When you order a product that has received NTEP approval, you can rest assured that scale is ready to serve your business well day after day.

What Are NTEP Certified Scales?

A non-profit corporation known as the National Type Evaluation Program, or NTEP, is responsible for evaluating scales and confirming that they meet accepted standards. Buying a scale that has received the NTEP Certified stamp of approval is not only important in terms of earning customer trust, but it also may be needed to operate legally in your area. Specific regulations vary by jurisdiction, so you will need to confirm the laws in your area—but shopping among NTEP approved scale options is a good idea either way.

Many NTEP Approved Styles

As you can see from our product collection, we offer many types of scales that have received NTEP Certification. No matter what type of scale you are looking for at this time, there should be at least a few models here to meet your needs. Whether you need a digital food scale, a label printing scale, a bench scale, or any other model, be sure to look for NTEP Certification as you shop. For your convenience, everything in this collection is NTEP approved.

We Are Here to Help!

When you work with Penn Scale, you are never alone. Feel free to contact us for more information if you have any questions at all. We appreciate your time and look forward to serving you.