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Industrial Bench Scales

In many industries, inventory is managed by weight rather than by piece. This is often true in food service, but it applies to many other types of businesses, as well. To manage the inventory that moves in and out of your business effectively and accurately, order your scale from Penn Scale. Our industrial bench scales can be trusted to deliver accurate values while offering the rugged design necessary to stand up to the test of time. Order yours today!

Shape & Size

Checking the capacity of a scale is a good place to start when shopping, as you need a model that can handle what needs to be weighed. That’s not the only important specification, however, as you also need to confirm the scale is the right design and size for your goods. Are the items to be weighed contained in boxes, or are they loose? Will you be able to read the display once the scale is loaded?

To help ensure you have no troubles finding the scale you need, we offer a great selection of sizes and designs. For instance, you may wish to order an extra-long column for your scale to place the display higher in the air. Or, you might opt for a larger base to make room for odd-shaped items. Take a moment to browse our selection of bench scales and you’ll quickly find an option that is right for your business.

Our Name is Built on Quality

It’s hard to stay in business for 100 years, but that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished at Penn Scale. Our longevity is due first and foremost to the quality of our scales. Many of our products are made in the USA, and we are pleased to offer US based support for our customers. In addition to industrial bench scales, we also offer complete product lines in many different scale categories.

Why Wait?

To add a reliable scale to your operation, order one of these models today. If you would like more information about any of our products, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. Thank you for shopping at Penn Scale!

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