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Checkweigher Scales

Any business that delivers products based on weight will likely put a checkweigher scale into use at some point in their process. This type of scale can quickly confirm that a given package is within the expected weight before it is sent out the door and on its way to the customer. At Penn Scale, we offer a selection of high quality commercial checkweigher scales with a variety of user-friendly features. Shop our collection today!

Essential Equipment

One of the quickest ways for a business to run into trouble with its customers is to deliver the wrong amount of product. For instance, a food supply business that offers packages containing 100g of their product needs to confirm that each package contains exactly that amount. If customers are consistently getting only 90g instead of 100g, for example, that shortage is sure to become a major problem. By employing checkweigher scales at important points along the manufacturing and packaging process, errors can be eliminated, and business can stay on track.

More Than Just Food

Food service companies are an obvious application for these scales, but that’s just the start. Even businesses that don’t deliver based on weight can use these scales to confirm that everything is present in a package. For instance, a box that is supposed to contain five components can be weighed as it comes off the line to make sure none of those pieces are missing before it ships to the customer.

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At Penn Scale, we carry a wide inventory of quality scales and related products. Whether you need a single checkweigher scale or a few different items for your business, we are the perfect supplier to fill the order. If you have any questions about the products on our site, please contact us at your convenience. Thank you for considering Penn Scale!