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Commercial Hanging Weighing Scales

For businesses that manage inventory and sales by weight, having accurate scales is essential. While plenty of scale styles are available on the market today, hanging scale models should not be overlooked. For some applications, this is the perfect tool for the job. When you shop at Penn Scale, you can pick from several quality options. Browse our collection of commercial hanging weighing scales and place your order today!

What is a Hanging Scale?

The name says it all in this case. These are scales that hang from a stand or the ceiling and feature scoops or platforms where items can be placed for measurement. Commercial hanging scales come in a variety of shapes and sizes—so finding a model to suit your specific needs should be no trouble at all.

There are a couple of notable advantages to using a hanging scale. First, if you have messy products to weigh, the scale’s readout and any electronics will be located above whatever you are weighing. That means the mess stays off of the display, and you can easily remove the platform/scoop for easy cleaning when you are done. Also, the scoop design offered by many hanging scales is great for controlling small or odd-shaped items. For instance, you could pour a quantity of rice or dry beans into a hanging scale scoop without creating a mess.

Why Choose Penn Scale?

You offer a wide selection of hanging weighing scales from the world’s leading manufacturers. With a history that covers a century and a rock-solid reputation in this business, you can trust that you’ll be in good hands when working with our team.

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