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Mechanical Kitchen Scales

Mechanical scales are a necessity in the kitchen, but not just any piece of equipment will do. In order to cook with precision, you need a high-quality scale that accurately measures your ingredients each and every time. With our collection of mechanical kitchen scales, featuring our Baker Scale line, you will find high quality scales that are easy to use, built to last a lifetime and impressively precise. Learn more below and place your order today!

Benefits of our Mechanical Scales

Our mechanical scales offer a variety of unique features, making them a top choice for all of your baking or cooking needs:


Our Baker Scales come in three sizes, five colors, and two plate options of either stainless or painted. That means you can customize your scale to match your other kitchen equipment, allowing you to maintain a uniform look.


Penn Scale is proud to be the only company who continues to make scales out of cast iron, which provides you with a high quality, extremely durable piece of equipment. Other scales made from stamped steel feel thin and flimsy when compared to our cast iron equipment.

Exclusive Offerings

If you’re looking for extreme accuracy, you’ll be happy to discover that our 16 pound Mechanical Baking Scale is the only scale featuring a two pound beam with ¼ ounce increments on the market.

Made in the USA

Finally, we are proud to say that all of our mechanical scales are made exclusively in the USA. This includes everything from labor to the smallest of parts needed to create our exceptional scales.

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When you purchase a mechanical kitchen scale from Penn Scale, you’ll immediately notice its quality in terms of its features, looks and durability. Then, when put to use, you’ll enjoy detailed, accurate measurements that you can rely on. Place your order or contact us for more information today.

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