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Precision Balances

Some balance models are designed to offer high levels of precision. If the activities of your business require pinpoint readings as fine as .001g in some cases, precision balances are the way to go. Explore our collection to find the model best suited for your needs.

What are Precision Balances?

A precision balance is the right tool for the job when a standard scale just doesn’t offer enough detail for the task at hand. For instance, you may need to take a measurement down to 0.01mg, but the scale you have in front of you only goes down to 0.1mg. In that case, a balance may be the best option for your purposes.

The accuracy of precision balances lies between standard scales and analytical balances. While a precision balance may not offer the same kind of detail as an analytical model, it is still a highly precise piece of equipment. Precision balances are generally more affordable than analytical models, so if they meet your accuracy requirements, they can be a better option in that regard.

Plenty of Applications

There are many different kinds of businesses that can benefit from the use of precision balances. Laboratory uses are common, of course. Industries such as food production, jewelry, cosmetics, and other types of production can benefit from the reliability and accuracy of these devices as well.

Trust Penn Scale

For your upcoming purchase of a new precision balance, Penn Scale is the perfect supplier. We have a long track record that dates back nearly a century and a high level of customer service. The scales you find on our site are from only the most highly respected brands in this industry, so you can rest assured you’ll end up with a quality device no matter what model you choose. Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.