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Butcher Scales

Butchers sell nearly all of their products by weight. If you own or operate a butcher shop, or if you offer butchering services as part of a larger business, you’ll need trustworthy scales to serve your customers. At Penn Scale, we have a selection of high-quality scales in this category, including bench scales, portion control scales, and price computing scales. Explore our collection below, or contact us for more information.

What is a Butcher Scale?

There are a variety of scales that can serve as butcher scales, depending on the needs of your business. Most likely, you will employ a few different scales for the various parts of your workflow. For instance, you might use a bench scale in the back of the butcher shop as your team is portioning out meat to be put in the case. Then, a price computing scale can be used at the front counter when customers choose the cuts they would like to purchase.

Key Features

One of the key features to look for in a butcher scale is a water-resistant design. A washdown scale makes a lot of sense in a butcher shop because of the nature of the work. In addition to keeping fluids from the butchering process away from the important parts of the scale, you will need to thoroughly clean the scale after it has been used.

Another feature to pay attention to is the size of the platform on any scale you may order. You’ll want to confirm that it can accommodate the size of the products you need to weigh.

A Reliable Partner

It’s hard to stay in business for nearly 100 years, but Penn Scale has a history that dates back nearly a century thanks to our focus on quality products and our commitment to customer service. If you have any questions about the products you see in this category, please feel free to contact us right away. Thank you for considering Penn Scale for your butcher scale purchase!