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About Us

Penn Scale has been manufacturing scales & scoops since 1923.

Penn Scale Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing scales and scoops since 1923. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Penn Scale is family owned and operated. We have long been regarded as the benchmark for the mechanical scale industry, having earned that reputation by producing a durable, dependable and accurate line of scales and scoops.

Penn Scale strikes the perfect balance between age-old techniques and modern technology to produce a product in which our skilled craftspeople take pride. We also offer a complete line of electronic scales to satisfy your weighing needs. In addition, Penn Scale is also a master distributor for Pennsylvania Scale, CAS, Ohaus and A & D Weighing.

Penn Scales main clients include Restaurant Equipment dealers, Educational Institutions, Restaurant and Supermarket Chains, Ice Cream and Candy Companies, Large Farms and Food Distributors.

We are a unique company because we are a manufacturer of our own line of scales and scoops as well as a Master Distributor of other companies’ digital scales. This gives our clients a full range of products to meet almost any weighing need, without having to deal with multiple suppliers.

Our largest niche is in the food industry; however, we also sell to many other industries such as scale manufacturers, industrial manufacturers and distributors, mid-sized and large corporations as well as catalog wholesalers. We pride ourselves on our attention to customer service as well as our ability to provide our customers the perfect scale and or scoop to meet their specific weighing needs.

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Main Office
Penn Scale
1376 Ruan Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124

Customer Service
Phone: 215-739-9644
Fax: 215-739-9640