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Commercial Counting Scales

When using a scale, the measurement you are after isn’t always the total weight of the items on the platform. Sometimes, you’d rather know how many items have been placed on the platform. That’s where commercial counting scales are useful. If you need to count out items to sell or to accurately track inventory both in and out of your business, purchase a reliable counting scale today.

What is a Counting Scale?

This type of scale is able to count parts or pieces for the user. For example, a business that sells small metal parts will need to accurately track how many of those parts are placed in an order to be shipped to a customer. Rather than counting them out by hand—which could be extremely time-consuming, as well as inaccurate—a counting scale could be used. These scales can save your business significant time and ensure the customer receives exactly the right number of parts.

How Does It Work?

Commercial counting scales are able to calculate the number of items on the

platform by using a sample to establish a baseline weight for the pieces. So, 10 pieces (or some other quantity, based on the scale) could be placed on the platform by a worker to set the scale properly for this task. Using that measurement, the scale will know how much each piece should weigh. It will then be able to count accurately for the rest of the job when you place various quantities of the object onto the scale. In fact, our 7600 counting scale has an embedded keyboard so you can enter exactly the number you need it to count without using sample sizes. This saves time and makes it easier for the operator to use.

Choose the Right Resolution & Capacity

It’s important to order a scale that is well-suited to the work that will be done in your business. The key word here is “resolution,” which refers to how accurate the scale can be in counting parts. If you will be using your counting scale to count large volumes of small, lightweight pieces, a high-resolution model is necessary. The overall capacity of the unit is also important, as the scale will need to be able to support the weight of the items you will be weighing.

Quality & Selection at Penn Scale

When shopping for a commercial counting scale at Penn Scale, you can browse a long list of high-quality, reliable products. We offer a wide range of models from top manufacturers. If you need assistance selecting the right scale, please contact our team at your convenience. We appreciate your visit!