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HW-WP Series-Washdown Scale

A&D HW-WP Series Washdown Scale

The A&D HW-WP Scale is a high resolution scale suitable for wet environments, featuring stainless steel washdown construction with % and counting modes.

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  • Washdown (IP-65 / NEMA4 rated)
  • Works with WinCT Software
  • Bright VFD Display
  • Comparator Mode
  • Standard RS-232C Interface
  • Percentage and Counting Modes
  • 2 Year Warranty
Model # Description Capacity Platter Size Display Unit of Measure Battery Dimensions Shipping Weight
HW-10KWP HW-WP Series-Washdown Scale 20lb x 0.002lb / 10kg x .001kg 9.8” x 9.8" VFD Lb; oz and % AC 9.8(W) x 18.3(D) x 17.2(H)" 17 Lbs
HW-60KWP HW-WP Series-Washdown Scale 150lb 0.01lb / 60kg x .005kg 13" x 16.7" VFD Lb; oz and % AC 13.0(W) x 24.2(D) x 30.9(H)" 29 Lbs
HW-100KWP HW-WP Series-Washdown Scale 200lb x 0.02lb / 100kg x .01kg 15.4" x 20.9" VFD Lb; oz and % AC 15.4(W) x 27.6(D) x 30.9(H)" 42 Lbs
HW-200KWP HW-WP Series-Washdown Scale 500lb x 0.05lb / 220kg x .02kg 15.4" x 20.9" VFD Lb; oz and % AC 15.4(W) x 27.6(D) x 30.9(H)" 42 Lbs

HV_W- WP Manual

HVWP-02 Display Extension Cable (17’)
HVWP-03 RS-232C & Comparator/Setpoints (relays & buzzer)
HVWP-04 RS-422/485 & Comparator/Setpoints (relays)
HVW-16SSC Swivel/Lock Caster for 30 lb & below capacities (each)
HVW-17LSC Swivel/Lock Caster for above 30 lb capacities (each)
FT:10 2.5” Diameter Non-Skid Foot (each)
AD-8951 Comparator Light (While Supplies Last)
AX-USB-2920-DIN USB to DIN RS-232 Converter
AX-043005266 Mounting Bracket