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PSPRINTK Label Printing Scale


Price Computing Scale With Label Printer

Easiest Label Printing Solution Available!

This price computing scale with label printer is certified as NTEP, “Legal for trade” and has a 30 pound capacity. The scale has a three window display on front and back to show the weight, price per pound and selling price. Comes complete with a stainless steel platter that is removable for easy cleaning and replaceable. The long life internal, rechargeable battery allows 48 hours of use on a single charge! Finally, the internal clock provides the date and time that is then printed on the label and can be set by the end user.


The printer features a no ink printing system that does not need replacement ribbons along with an auto peeler that prints only one label at a time for hands free operation. An auto sensor feeds the labels with no adjustments necessary. Printer comes complete with 2,500 labels pre-loaded, an additional 2,500 labels, and the required connecting cables.

The entire solution has a one year warranty backed by Penn Scale.

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  • Penn Scale Label Printing Solution provides everything you need to professionally weigh products and print labels easily and quickly.
  • It contains a 30 pound “Legal for Trade” scale, an external label printer, 5,000 labels and all the cables and cords you need to set it up and start to print labels immediately.
  • It is great for labeling any prepackaged item that is sold by weight and complies with all current Weights and Measures regulations.



    • CM-101 NTEP “Legal for Trade” Certified Scale
    • Removable 11.8″ x 9.8″ Stainless-Steel Platter
    • 30 x 0.01 lb capacity
    • Very popular in Deli’s, Farmers Markets, Candy Stores, Bakeries & Supermarkets
    • Full Tare feature
    • Three Backlit Displays
    • Long Life Internal Rechargeable Battery
    • Comes with AC adapter
    • Full one year warranty


    • The Penn Scale Label Printing Solution is the most cost effective and simple to use printing scale on the market today!


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Product Name
PSPRINTK Label Printing Scale
USD 425.00
Product Availability
Available in Stock
Model # Description Capacity Platter Size Display Unit of Measure Battery Dimensions Shipping Weight
PSPRINTK NTEP Certified 30 lb capacity Price computing 30 x 0.01 lb 15 x 0.005 kg 11.8" (w) x 9.8" (d) LCD front & back Lb; Kg Rechargeable 48 hours of use 12.5" x 13.1" 8 Lbs


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  • CM-101 Parts Available:
  • CM-101A - Adaptor
  • CM-101P - Platter
  • CM-101B - Battery
  • CM-101F - Bottom Feet
  • CM-101SB - Small Board
  • CM-101LB - Large Board