Pennsylvania Scale M64+ Series Baggage Scales


The 64 Series Baggage Scales are made in a rugged modular design that conforms to a wide range of counter scale and architectural designs with standard off-the shelf components.The Heavy duty 6400 series platform features 1 part in 5000 accuracy and capacities to 1000 Lbs (500 kg). The Pennsylvania Baggage Scale system provides more scale for less cost and greater flexibility for your most demanding requirements. Rugged sustained accuracy in many baggage check-in designs: bagwell or kiosk. 1, 2, 3, or up to 4 SS bezel flush mount displays with or without buttons for ZERO, UNITS, and PRINT. Available in two model series with a wide range of standard and custom platform sizes. M64 Display Systems are ideal for remodeling existing counters using existing platforms. Designed for long life, minimum service, sustained accuracy, and exemplary performance. Suitable for commercial applications. Made in USA

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