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Pennsylvania Scale 7600 Counting Scale HR


The Pennsylvania Scale 7600 Series High Resolution Counting and General Weighing Scale offers fast, accurate weighing and powerful features. From simple one-button counting to sophisticated inventory control systems, the 7600 has a long list of features designed to adapt to your changing needs.

It features single or dual base counting, percent of error or accuracy, Sample Update.™, and a powerful RS-232 interface in rugged cast construction. Clean, efficient design means impressive accuracy and stable counting and weighing in a wide range of requirements. Simple operation with expanded features including optional DUAL BASE counting and weighing, the 7600 series adds a keyboard for display and input of Sample Quantity, Average Piece Weight (if known), Tare Weight, Product ID#. Rugged aluminum cast construction and intuitive versatility allow a range of functions now or future. DB Dual Base option allows sample-to-bulk counting when an optional 2nd Base is included.


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7600 counting & bench scale[/caption]Extra rugged cast base, heavy duty construction
Checks Quantities for Production or Inventory
Shipping and Receiving Verifications
Programmable RS-232 serial data interface standard
Remote display connector for dual displays with or without buttons
Optional Second Base
Factory Matching of 2nd base (ordered together) Any Pennsylvania Scale platform ordered as BASE 2 is matched at no cost, plug and play
Time and Date printing Standard
10,000 displayed counts in any of (2) weight units (specify with order)
Exclusive 4 Year Warranty
Made in the USA

Model 7600

7600-2, 7600-5, 7600-10, 7600-20, 7600-50, 7600-100, 7600-150, 7600-200

Model # Description Capacity Platter Size Display Unit of Measure Battery Dimensions Shipping Weight
7600-2 2 lb Capacity-Aluminum Platform-NTEP 2 x 0.0002 lb -- 907.2 x 0.1 g* 8" X 8" Aluminum Remote lb/g AC/DC 12"(w) x 14"(d) 21 lbs
7600-5 5 lb Capacity-Aluminum Platform-NTEP 5 x 0.0005 lb -- 2268 x 0.2 g* 8" X 8" Aluminum Remote lb/g AC/DC 12"(w) x 14"(d) 21 lbs
7600-10 10 lb Capacity-SS Platform-NTEP 10 x 0.001 lb -- 4536 x 0.5 g* 12" X 14" SS Remote lb/g AC/DC 12"(w) x 14"(d) 21 lbs
7600-20 20 lb Capacity-SS Platform-NTEP 20 x 0.002 lb -- 9.072 x 0.001 kg* 12" X 14" SS Remote lb/kg AC/DC 12"(w) x 14"(d) 21 lbs
7600-50 50 lb Capacity-SS Platform-NTEP 50 x 0.005 lb -- 22.68 x 0.005 kg* 12" X 14" SS Remote lb/kg AC/DC 12"(w) x 14"(d) 21 lbs
7600-100 100 lb Capacity-SS Platform-NTEP 100 x 0.01 lb -- 45.36 x 0.005 kg* 12" X 14" SS Remote lb/kg AC/DC 12"(w) x 14"(d) 21 lbs
7600-150 150 lb Capacity-SS Platform-NTEP 150 x 0.02 lb -- 68.04 x 0.01 kg* 12" X 14" SS Remote lb/kg AC/DC 12"(w) x 14"(d) 21 lbs
7600-200 200 lb Capacity-SS Platform-NTEP 200 x 0.02 lb -- 90.72 x 0.01 kg* 12" X 14" SS Remote lb/kg AC/DC 12"(w) x 14"(d) 21 lbs
Manual Ethernet Option Lantronic XPort Info 7600 Eanalog Set-up 7600 Set Pint Option
*(2) standard weight units can be provided as Primary and Secondary units of measure: Other weight units & resolutions including Lb/Oz—can be specified with order – consult factory AC/DC Operation - factory installed only - 30+ hours continuous use with integrated recharging and HD power cord; functions as an U.P.S. REMOTE DISPLAY CASTING factory installed - Primary display casting is remoted w/ 10’ cable. Ideal for custom work stations or where items block the display 2nd REMOTE DISPLAY (casting) - Plug & play REMOTE casting for a total of (2) displays with button functions; 10’ cable 57825 - 220/230 Volt Power DB or 57834 Field Kit - 2nd Base Input—for dual base or Sample/Bulk Counting applications -Note: PLUS+ series board ONLY 57520 - Replacement Battery Pack for AC/DC units 56750-5 Ball Top - Ball Transfer Top Plate, 12 x 14” in place of std. SS platform – 50 lb and up models only AO – ANALOG OUTPUT or 57811 FIELD KIT - Jumper select 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA proportional output via 2 post terminals ETHERNET MODULE or 57869A FIELD KIT - Lantronix Xport module and option board includes software license & IP address SSR SOLID STATE RELAY BOARD - (2) AC or DC I/O relays respond to COUNT or WEIGHT SAE SPECIAL APPLICATIONS - Many standard or optional special operational features can be flashed-in using Serial Data Loader feature 57520 - Replacement Battery Pack for AC/DC units