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Portion Control Scales

Delivering consistent portions is a key part of the customer experience. Whether you run a bakery, restaurant, deli, or any other kind of operation, a portion control scale can help your business. The models offered at Penn Scale live up to our legendary reputation for quality and accuracy. Order your scale today, or get in touch for assistance.

Size & Weight

Two key elements to look for when shopping for a price control scale are size and weight. Specifically, the size of the platter on which the food will be placed and the weight that the scale can manage. We have a range of models designed to weigh small amounts in grams on up to models that can handle more than 150-pounds. Scales with heavier weight limits generally come with larger platters, but be sure to check the measurements on any model before you order to confirm it will suit your needs.

Accuracy Requirements

Some large jobs may only be rounded to the nearest pound, while other tasks will need an accurate measurement to the tenth of an ounce. Consider the accuracy required for your work to make sure the scale you select can offer the required level of detail. No matter which model you select, you can always count on any product from Penn Scale to deliver reliable measurements time after time.

What About Water?

Will your portion control scale be regularly subjected to water or other liquids, during a washdown for instance? If so, be sure to choose one of our waterproof models. Not only will these models be able to handle the day-to-day workload and occasional spill, but they are also easy to clean.

A Respected Name

For many food-related businesses, weighing and measuring is a key part of the job. You need reliable equipment in this part of your operation to deliver a quality product to your customers and to manage inventory properly. Penn Scale is a leader in the industry, with 100 years of experience and a huge collection of mechanical and digital scales. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us right away. We look forward to receiving your order!

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