Welcome to the new PennScale.com. I hope you have enjoyed the site so far. One of the things we decided to add was a testimonial page. We get a lot of calls from end-users with stories about their scales. These stories are very important to the people who tell us them and they are usually filled with happy memories and emotion. Stories of finding their parent’s, or great-grandparent’s old scale, stories of restorations that they want performed, parts they want replaced or just a special place in their life and the memories brought back from an old scale that was in their mother’s long closed bakery or their grandfathers deli or pizza place that was sold many years before.

One of the most touching stories was relayed to me by an end-user who was in the path of a tornado in Alabama. One of the only things they had left was their #2 Bakers Scale and one of their free weights that her deceased father had left them from his coffee shop many years prior.  The storm had taken the scoop and the other free weights along with their house and the rest of their belongings.

They were living in a trailer that they had put on the property until they could rebuild and they had replaced none of their other belongings; however, they called to replace the scoop and missing free weights that had blown away.  As the woman who told me the story said, they had lost everything, but if they could just get her father’s scale parts replaced, then their temporary housing would feel more like her home.

This is a story that I wanted to share. More importantly I wanted to have a place that people could submit testimonials about their Penn Scale Products that I could share with others.

If you have one, please go to the contact me page, type testimonials in the subject line and submit your stories to us. We will publish some of them on this page.

We are proud of the legacy of Penn Scale and our products and we appreciate the opportunity to share and to collect new stories of the many fond memories our users have experienced with our scales and scoops.

Thank you,

Michael A. DiPietro
Penn Scale Manufacturing Company