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An Industry Leader

CAS is a well-respected name in the scale industry. This brand has been serving the industrial and commercial market for more than three decades and has grown to include distribution in more than 120 countries. You can’t afford to take chances with the accuracy and reliability of your new scales, so it’s smart to order from a brand with such a strong track record.

Save Time and Money

We carry a wide selection CAS scales here on our site, including some of their trusted counting scales. Adding a counting scale to your operation can save an incredible amount of time and money. A quality counting scale will make it possible to achieve reliable parts counts when doing inventory or filling orders, and the extensive features included in a CAS counting scale make it easy to adapt the scale perfectly to your needs. If you have been getting by with other methods of counting small pieces or parts, invest in a good counting scale and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your operation.

Here to Serve You

At Penn Scale, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We want you to come away with the right scale for your needs, all while paying a fair price and getting great customer service. Whether you order a CAS scale or one of the many other products in our inventory, you’ll have the same reliable experience time after time.