OHAUS raises the bar in value-oriented scales…again!  The OHAUS Navigator XT series offers a unique combination of features including touchless sensors, ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection for use in a wide variety of weighing applications.

Laboratory and Research
Designed to be easy to clean, precise and simple to use in laboratory environments. Simple set up, a spill-resistant housing, percent weighing mode and security features make this the ideal solution for laboratory applications such as formulation, quality inspections, testing and experimentation.

Industry and Manufacturing
Designed to be robust, fast and accurate for ideal use in light-medium duty industrial applications, including paint and ink mixing, packaging, sampling and parts counting.  Up to 400% safe overload enhances protection of internal components, with an ultra-fast, one-second stabilization time to improve operator efficiency and productivity.

Foodservice and Portioning

Designed to be hygienic, low-maintenance and durable for ideal use in food service, portioning and prepackaging.  Weighing units such as lb, oz, lb:oz (including 1/8 fractional ounce), kg and g, and percent and checkweighing modes enhance its usefulness in behind the-counter, prep station and kitchen environments.

Home Office, Commercial Business and Manufacturing
Designed to be tough, portable and reliable for ideal use in shipping and receiving, home office and warehouse environments. A display hold mode holds the weight for viewing that would otherwise be blocked by oversized packages. Battery operation, counting and checkweighinmodes also expand range of use for hobbies, inventory management, inspection and quality control.

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