APS8000XL & 8000XL Battery Power Bench Scale

Doran 8000XL & APS8000XL Scales

The Doran 8000XL & APS8000XL Battery Power Bench Scales are Washdown Safe, NTEP certified, and feature a 1000% Overload “Quad Spring” Base. Shop now!

Includes a 20″ Tall Atlas Column

The Model APS8000XL Series includes a 20″-tall column, but if additional height is needed, a 30″-tall column is available. Choose from four different base sizes: 15″ x 15″, 18″ x 18″, 18″ x 24″, or 24″ x 24″.

Over 60 Hours of Battery Life

The internal rechargeable battery and charger provides a simple-to-maintain scale that can fully charge the battery in five hours, even while the scale is being used.

1000% Overload Base (15″ x 15″ Scale Base Size Only)

No, that’s not a typo! Our unique “Quad-Spring” design protects the sensitive load cell from shock and overload damage. Protected to a maximum of ten times the base load rating, this design sets the new industry standard—a feature available only from Doran. Take a “peek under the hood” to see what’s inside our DXL scale base.

Easy to Operate

The basic controls are all here—Zero, Units, and Print, you can’t get any simpler than that. The benefit to you is a scale that is easy to operate and train employees to use—reducing operator error.

Washdown Safe Construction

Superior washdown protection has been engineered into the Model APS8000XL Battery Powered Bench Scale. From the heavy gauge stainless steel to the innovative gasket design, this scale meets the NEMA4X and IP69K classifications for washdown protection.

Powerful Excel Features & Options

Take the APS8000XL series to new levels with the enhanced features made possible with the new Excel Series Design. Choose from a variety of communication options that include Wired or Wireless Ethernet. Control a mixing or batching operation simply by adding setpoints and relays.

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